Balancing and spin test service near to you

Have you a problem with your rotors? Deadlines are tight, quality needs improving and you don't have a suitable balancing machine, no overspeed test stand? Our trained employees have the experience needed to economically and precisely balance or safety jolt all types of rotors. Even supposed problem cases are routine for us and are solved. Our balancing and spin test service offers:

  • Balancing of cylindrical and disc-shaped rotors up to a weight of 20,000 kg on state of the art balancing machines.
  • Balancing elastic rotors at or close to the normal operating speed using computer-aided methods
  • High-precision balancing with maximum quality grades
  • Balancing of individual parts, prototypes and series
  • Routine testing of master bodies (measuring equipment in the meaning of DIN EN ISO 9001) and issue of an acceptance inspection certificate to DIN EN 10204
  • Determination of the moment of turbine and power plant blade up to 2 kgm
  • Spinning rotors with a weight of up to 400 kg at speeds of up to 63,000 min -1
  • Advice on all balancing issues, balancing machine rental