Tooldyne – the tool balancing system made by experts

Reduced unbalance increases machining quality
Today, high-speed machining is the established procedure for the economic machining of metals and plastics. The unbalance of spindles and in particular of tools sets severe limits on high-speed machining. This unbalance has a substantial influence on the achieved quality and precision of the surfaces to be machined. The spindle and tool lifetimes, too, are strongly influenced by the unbalance.
Whereas the unbalance of spindles and other drive components can be removed during manufacture, tools must be balanced more frequently, usually prior to initial use in a machine tool.

Tooldyne – the complete package for balancing tools
The Tooldyne is a complete system for balancing tools and tool adaptors. You only require the correct tool adaptor and can then start balancing your tools directly. The machine is dimensioned for measuring at one and two levels so that it is also capable of balancing different tool geometries perfectly. The pneumatic clamping mechanism pulls the tool into the tool adaptor in operating conditions and thus ensures a reproducible tool seat.

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